Hey, I'm the guy who made Rent A Chair a thing!

taught by Cleve F
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Cleve F
Cleve F

About the Instructor

For years I beat my head against the shampoo bowl trying to answer one question…

“Why was it illegal to rent a chair in MY salon?” Why couldn’t I do what I want to – I mean, after all, It’s my business right?

To me, the answer was simple. If I could switch out the overarching Employer/Employee contract to that of Landlord and Tenant, the Hairdressing Award and all of its governing glory would simply fly out the window. So I did some fishing around, spent a ton of cash and finally... proved that it was possible!

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Course Contents

13 Videos
1 Text
16 PDFs
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Welcome & course overview
Lesson 3 - Making the shift from employer to landlord
Lesson 4 - FWC & ATO compliance
Lesson 5- How I'm pretty sure I even confused the old FWC
Lesson 6- Your 35 point pre-start checklist
Kit 1 - 110 page Rent A Chair getting started eBook - download
Kit 5 - Negotiating rental, stock, retail deals with your renters - download